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Sinner on Flickr.

Halloween is right around the corner and I decided to get some model friends together to shoot some costume themes to use as promo for the season.. This is Gina P. a good friend and great sport. She wore the horns well even when they kept falling off between shots. lol

By Any Other Name.. on Flickr.

By Any Other Name…
Roses always remind me of death for some reason.. Could be because they are always given as a cut flower and they die off so quickly. So when I started editing this my mind drifted to the morbid and I ended up bringing in the skull elements.. No beauty lasts for ever and both the flower and the woman will fade and wither.

Serpentine on Flickr.

Trying to evoke a wild dream state like image here. Model Samantha Schiumo was positioned on a chair with a lot of extra flowy fabric as a skirt to give the enhanced height. That combined with her pose makes me feel like this has snake like or serpentine movement

Rusalka on Flickr.

A friend came to me wanting to surprise her boyfriend by doing a photoshoot as a character from one of his favorite old time games, Quest for Glory IV. The character, Rusalka, is a river spirit not unlike a mermaid.. Armed with little more than a green wig and some water shoes, she braved the ice cold waters long enough to get the shot!
Big thanks to JAMills Photography for helping us find this great location to shoot, and to Dana V. for letting me bring her vision to life.

The Dark Tower on Flickr.

The Dark Tower - It was a particularly foggy day after the snow, temps jumped 20° in a single morning.. I decided I needed to get out and shoot something before it dissipated, so I took a cruise up the road to The Devil’s Tower in Alpine. Terrific moody setting for what is a great site for local urban legends. This tower sits in the middle of the road in a community of gated million+ dollar homes. There’s all sorts of stories on this one, one of which has people driving or walking in counter-clockwise circles around the structure to invoke some demon or ghost. Seeing it in this moody fog, one can almost believe the tales are true. ;-)

i make shiny things: Not cool Urban Outfitters, not cool.

This is sooo F’d up!! 
Share and spread the word.. No one has the right to steal artists ideas and profit from them.. F-U Urban Outfitters!


One of my lovely customers sent me a message today with this link.


And here is my United/World of Love line:


My heart sank a little bit. The World/United States of Love line that I created is one of the reasons that I was able to quit my full-time job. They even stole the…

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